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Banana roller
Banana roller devide NBR roller and EPDM has a certain arc in the longitudinal direction, it is fixed by the ball bearing and rotatable.When the film is rotated through the roller, it will be stretched in the longitudinal direction because of the certain curvature of the curbed rubber roller. The roller can stretch the film to eliminate wrinkles and prevent the material in the cutting process.In other words, curved shaft fixed and the bending rubber roller would rotate well.It is widely used for the paper, film, textiles and similar machine and equipment.


1. The rubber material is nitrile rubber, optional for red, green and black color.
2. Bearing ring for internal structure.
3. Bearing installed in the rubber sleeve, resulting in small swing torque.
4. Smooth rubber surface without any negative impact in the material.
5. Roller face angle can be adjusted freely.
6. Diameter include: Φ80, Φ100, Φ125, Φ150, Φ160, Φ200

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