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Stainless steel rolls have been sublimated by high tech
All kinds of stainless steel rollers have been used flexibly by enterprises, but we still believe that the role of stainless steel rollers is very important for people¡¯s life. First look at the stainless steel roll. What is a stainless steel roll? A stainless steel roll is a roll shaped product made of metal or other materials, and the rubber is vulcanized.
Printing roll
With the rapid development of the market economy, new equipment, new technology, new materials, especially new printing equipment have also come into being. The replacement is also more timely, and the domestic printing equipment also tends to be high in science and technology, durability and advanced. From the view of the international printing industry, some information shows that some developed countries, such as Europe and America, still lead us in printing equipment. Although the domestic printing industry has introduced many printing machinery and printing equipment in developed countries in 90s, but when printing stainless steel rollers are used to a certain period of time, the homemade printing stainless steel rollers are far less than the original stainless steel rollers. In the past, "glue room" was set up in the printing enterprises, and the stainless steel rollers were produced specially, and the pollution was serious. With the development of the printing industry and the replacement of the equipment, the traditional old-fashioned stainless steel rolls have been phased out because they are unable to adapt to the needs of high speed printing machines. Its disadvantage is that it can not adapt to high temperature and high humidity environment, become soft at high temperature and harden at low temperature, especially for printed gold and printed mesh, which hinders the improvement of printing quality. In 80s, there was a great revolution in the printing of stainless steel rollers. The new stainless steel rollers were not restricted by climatic conditions, strong and corrosion resistant, but the cost was high, which made small and medium-sized enterprises prohibitive. With the rapid development of the economy, it is still well received by the majority of users.
Stainless steel roller is made of high quality thick walled hollow rubber roller, the bent core assembly, a bracket seat adjuster, with adjusting the tension, smooth substrate, eliminate wrinkles and wrinkles substrate trace function, suitable for textile, printing and dyeing, paper and packaging industries, such as film blowing machine, rewinding machine, coating machine, slitting machine.
The small and micro stainless steel rolls of the bending roll have been changed to the mould press vulcanization of the plate vulcanizing machine, which completely changed the traditional vulcanization method of the stainless steel roll. In recent years, the injection molding machine has been installed and vacuumized, and it can automatically open and close the die. The degree of mechanization and automation is greatly improved, and the curing time is short, the production efficiency is high, and the product quality is good. Especially when using rubber injection molding vulcanizer, the two processes of forming and vulcanization can be combined into one, and the time can be shortened to 2~4 min, which has become an important direction for the development of stainless steel roller production.
In recent years, the technology of injection, extrusion and winding has been developing continuously. The stainless steel roll forming vulcanization equipment has made the production of stainless steel roll gradually mechanized and automated. The performance of stainless steel roller has great influence on the whole machine. It is very strict in technology operation and production quality. Many kinds of products have been classified as the category of fine products, and the selection of rubber and plastic materials and the control of product size accuracy are the key. Rubber roller surface of stainless steel is not allowed to have any impurities, voids and bubbles, but can not have scars, defects, cracks and grooves, and the phenomenon of local soft and hard sponge. Therefore, requirements of stainless steel roller the production process, must be absolutely clean and Seiko secret agents, to realize the operation unification and standardization. The combination of rubber and plastic and metal core, paste and injection molding, vulcanization and grinding process have become the technology of high technology content. The bending roll has the characteristics of the unfolding material, which can prevent wrinkle and wear high wear resistance. The special expansion roll for dyeing and finishing industry is installed with mechanical shaft seal. This product is suitable for plastics paper making, textile, dyeing and finishing and other related industries. The stainless steel rolls used today have formed a series of products with unique technology. Although the traditional products are the main products in China, the technology content is improving. Many products have entered the new and high technology field. The added value is increasing. It is becoming another economic highlight in the industrial rubber products.

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