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Introduction to the processing technology of mirror roll
A seamless steel tube with a mirror roll that refers to a light surface. The main factor determining the mirror roll is the chromium coating on the surface. Then let¡¯s get to know the processing technology of the mirror roll.
1. Component welding:
Welding inner plate, shaft, bushing, wall panels, inner tube, inner tube static balance within 50g, tube rotation to draw lines, Hanbian steel runner.
Two. Car, assembly and welding:
The inner pipe, size and external pipe interference 0.4mm, the two plate reverse weld angle 15X30 degree, the grinding inner pipe, the slag cleaning, the size of the inner pipe and the inner diameter of the outer tube, whether the heat sleeve is in place, after cooling and shrinking, the whole group welding. (Note: 45# steel before welding temperature, post welding heat preservation)
Three, annealing, roughing, quenching:
Heat treatment, process conditioning, multiple stress, heavy car retention, static balance, more than 50g, need to calculate the amount of borrowing, on the car bed to borrow. Quenching: the surface hardness requires HRC58 degree to 60 degrees, and the roller face has no tortoise crack.
Four, fine car, rough mill:
Two axle head repair pinhole, two axle head to roll surface, <0.05, according to the drawing requirements processing length to size, outer circle allowance, 0.5 - 0.6. The grinding support circle is used as the bracket position, the roll surface size is required according to the drawing, and the ra0.5 two shaft pulsate to the roll surface <0.02.
Do dynamic balance G40 level, plug hole, do pressure experiment without leakage, do water pressure unimpeded experiment. Electroplating hard chromium, single side 0.15 chromium layer without needle holes, falling off and other defects. The two axle head is fine grinding, and the two bearing gear pulsate <0.01 roughness 0.8 on the roll surface. The rest of the axle gear is worn to the tolerance range.
I believe that through the above introduction, we have been unfamiliar with the processing technology of the mirror roll.
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