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An introduction to the quality of the mirror roll

In the current market, many manufacturers of rollers import chromium and German chromium. Indeed, the largest number of chrome water is used in the joint venture. Under such circumstances, many manufacturers have made good communication with their customers, so that many manufacturers in the market ask themselves, what kind of products will be used well? As far as the current roller maintenance of the mirror roller is concerned,

In fact, chromium is very important for the mirror roll product. After long-term production analysis, the hardness of chromium is an important factor affecting the durability of the mirror roll and the super mirror roll. For such cases, quite a lot of mirror roller counterparts will talk with customers about high hardness products. However, most of the hardness of them is maintained at 58-60 degrees right and left according to the actual detection of several roller products in China, so we need the surface quality of mirror roller. Usually by the thickness and hardness of chromium layer to decide, but these are many thing Cong roller surface machining experience to judge, the customer is generally very difficult to carry out a positive analysis in this area, such as the surface quality is not hard, the surface has a substantial impact on production PC, PP, PMMA, PET and so on sheet products will, and this is not the important factor of roller durability.

It is believed that the quality of the mirror roll has been counted by the above introduction.

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