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Advantages and structure classification of aluminum alloy guide roller

The aluminum alloy guide roller has many advantages, such as high strength, light weight, small inertia, smooth surface and no rust. It is widely used in the production lines such as convex printing, coating, covering, blowing, coating, laminating, coating, cutting, papermaking, weaving and so on. Aluminum Alloy Jun is produced by the most severe material guide roller extrusion production process, especially the section of high strength and stiffener can greatly improve pipe rigidity, heat installation technology and CNC lathe finishing excellent appearance can make the product to obtain the highest contact strength and precision, good straightness and concentricity, accurate high speed dynamic balance system can guarantee with static balance and dynamic balance function (high speed can reach ISO1940 G1 level), to ensure high speed aluminum roll on the machine without vibration, and the appearance of different processing methods can require the use of supply is not the same, and aluminum Jun is produced you can greatly improve the function of the machine.

The structure of the aluminum alloy guide roller can be roughly divided into:

(1) hollow aluminum roller: inner bearing structure, bearing in two head of the bearing hole.

(2) the coupling type aluminum roller: roller or stainless steel shaft with two shaft ends, as one type of structure.

(3) all water aluminum roll: cooling or heating liquid is passed through both sides and circulates in the roller body.

(4) special roll: a variety of special structural rolls processed according to the drawings.

Different processing methods for aluminum alloy guide roller:

(1) gloss: the appearance of lubrication and small resistance can reach the different surface roughness Ra0.3~Ra6.3 according to the demand.

(2) appearance thread line: commonly used with interspersed thread line, middle expansion line (from the middle two points, extending to two sides).

(3) convex and concave surface: by CNC lathe machining all kinds of concave and convex type and arc appearance.

(4) sandblasting or shot peening: a rough surface can be obtained by sand blasting or shot peening, which can increase friction.

(5) rolling flower or net line: the size of the flower shape can be supplied by the customer¡¯s demand.

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