Wenzhou HangZhan Machinery Co.,Ltd was founded in 1988£¬professional product various kinds of aluminum alloy roller,air shaft,banana roller,mirror aluminum roller,mirror roller,rubber roller,etc,mianly use for color printing machinery¡¢packaging machinery,printing machine,bag making machine etc.we are the first professional aluminum roller processing factory in china,more than 10 years experience£¬100000 aluminum rollers capacity every month. 
aluminumroller surface finish reach to 0.4, concentricity within 0.02mm,surface tolerance within 0.05mm,dynamic balance within 5g. both side of shaft processed by special technology and matched with imported bearing, which can be easily operated at high speed. according to the different needs of the industry, the roller surface treatment as below: anodizing HV300, anodizing HV700, mirror anodizing HV700, teflon, sandblasting, rubber coating, center line, cross line, embossing treatment, etc. all suitable for kinds of applications with high requirements.

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